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Straw & Cutlery Carry Bags


Handmade Using Loose Scrap Fabric

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Handmade using unused and scrap fabrics from local garment factories, these straw sleeves and cutlery carry bags are the perfect bags for your reusable straws and cutleries for those who love to BYO (Bring Your Own). We have requested for them to be tightened using a fabric drawstring instead of a plastic button so it is completely plastic free.

Because the sleeves are sewn together by hand using scrap fabric, the fabric is not thrown away to landfill to create unnecessary waste. You are also supporting the local seamstresses who sew these fabric sleeves by hand.

The sleeves are approximately 23cm by 7cm.

Reusable Straws & Cutlery Carry Bags & Accessories are available here.

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Weight 1 g

Dinosaur, Fox, Stripes, Birds, Batik, Geometric, Elephant


100% Organic Bamboo


Rinse, brush and washthe straw after use. Store bamboo brushes in well-ventilated place. Do not keep straws in ziploc bags or air tight containers. Boil water in a pot with a splash of vinegar and soak the bamboo straws for 10 minutes to disinfect the straws each month.


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