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Our Cleansing Nectars from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics are made using raw, organic and plant derived ingredients. These powerful skin clarification systems will draw out deep set impurities whilst honouring and healing the skins naturally effective acid mantle. If you love the oil cleansing method, this will be your new favourite.

The Cleansing Nectars uses a base of the following

  • Nutrient rich raw Coconut and Agave Nectars which contain 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins
  • Palm free Vegetable Glycerin to draw out impurities whilst hydrating the skin
  • Raw ‘Mother’ based Apple Cider Vinegar contains natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids helping to clear dead skin cells with ease whilst brightening the skin and promoting hydration and overall circulation
  • Willow Bark contains salicylic acid which is a natural exfoliant present in most acne treatments because of its ability to clarify pores
  • Bamboo Leaf is a powerful skin toner, rich in skin-protective antioxidants and potent cell strengthening properties
  • Calendula has exceptional healing qualities and is a powerful, natural antihistamine

Our Cleansing Nectars is available in three blends

  • Tea Tree, Tamanu, Activated Charcoal + Rock Salt is suitable for all skin types, especially effective for oily or acne prone skin. The Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Western Australian Sea Salt work to balance and detoxify without drying your skin or strip the skin of its natural pH. It also contains detoxifying and exfoliating Volcanic ash and Activated Charcoal, and an Essential oil combination of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus to fight and cleanse bacteria. Tamanu Oil will help relieve and protect the skin against inflammation, skin redness and helps to heal and soothe stubborn acne or painful break outs.
  • Rose Hip, Avocado, Pumice + Rose Geranium is suitable for all dry or combination skin types. The combination of Rose Hip and Avocado oil will deeply penetrate and nourish dry skin whilst brightening and clarifying. This formula is also rich in Vitamin E and Magnesium, which the skin uses to maintain its elasticity and natural balance.
  • Blueberry, Evening Primrose, Pumice + Carrot Seed is suitable for mature and sensitive skin types. The combination of Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Carrot Seed Oils penetrate deep into the skin and nourish without clogging. The anthocyanis in the Blueberry extract aids in the reduction of wrinkles, dark spots and blotchy skin patches, and the rich concentration of Vitamin C helps to neutralise free radicals and support skins collagen production.

Made in Australia. 100% vegan. Available in size 100ml in recyclable clear glass pharmacy style bottles with screw top.

Our Dirty Hippie collection is created and packaged with the planet in mind. All packaging is either compostable eco paper or reusable and recyclable aluminium tins. We are also working with Dirty Hippie to return all washed and clean containers back for reuse – ask us for more information!

Additional information

Weight 150 g

Tea Tree, Rose Hip, Blueberry


Tea Tree: Coconut Nectar*, Agave Nectar*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Vegetable Glycerin* (Palm Free), Tamanu Oil*, Volcanic Ash, Western Australian Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal*, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, Willowbark*, Calendula, Bamboo.

Rose Hip: Coconut Nectar*, Agave Nectar*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Vegetable Glycerin (Palm Free)*, Rose Hip Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Pumice, Willowbark*, Calendula, Bamboo, Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

Blueberry: Coconut Nectar*, Agave Nectar*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Vegetable Glycerin (Palm Free)*, Carrot Seed Extract*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Pumice, Blueberry Extract, Willowbark*, Calendula, Bamboo.

* marked Certified Organic


Shake well to blend exfoliating agents. Dab onto face towel and swipe over face and neck in circular motions; gently remove any excess residue with extra warm water.


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