Isobutyl Paraben – A paraben that is commonly used as a preservative in skin care products like lotions and creams is a substance that has been banned by the EU for its high usage in everyday items that people will use much of. The dangers of isobutyl parabens is from its ability of mimic estrogen, and when used regularly and in higher concentrations, can cause a hormonal imbalance leading to other problems and ailments, even cancer. Hence, it might be a good idea to avoid products that have this substance in its ingredients list.

Isopropyl Lanolate – A fatty material obtained from Lanolin (an oil secreted by sheep to make their wool waterproof) that is used as a thickening agent in creams and it also has emollient or skin smoothing properties. As it is derived naturally, it is generally considered safe but might cause allergies in people with more sensitive conditions.