Wellness Within on National TV – 3 Lessons We Learnt

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As the co-founder of Wellness Within, I am extremely grateful to be given an opportunity, not just to showcase what we do at Wellness Within, but also spread and share awareness on what we are passionate about. Being in front and the face of Wellness Within is not something I’m comfortable with and it’s not because I’m not proud of my brand. Representing a natural, organic and eco-conscious brand is a great responsibility, and I would love to have a lifestyle as wholesome as my brand!

Throwback to that day we received an email from the Channel 8 News reporter Eva, never have I thought we would be invited to give our views and thoughts on a topic that we are so new to – Reusable Straws! The interview was conducted in Mandarin and on a rather short notice, so here are three lessons I learnt that I will keep for a lifetime.


TV time is expensive

It is extremely true. The entire interview took probably an hour and we discussed so many points about reusable products, the mindset of people towards reusables and what can we do to encourage the use of reusables. It was great chatting with Eva about a common topic, but many of those points were not covered during the news segment of 35 seconds. I understand every second on TV costs, so that inspired this post. If you’re ever given an opportunity to be on TV, be prepared with what you would like to share and be concise and specific! It’s okay to say more than necessary, because the producers will edit and trim off what they need and don’t need anyway, but what you say may change the way others feel about the same topic.


Media plays an important role in raising awareness

Media has always played an important role in relaying news and happenings in the society. Even though social media may seem to be slowly taking over, conventional media is still very important in spreading greater awareness and to generate conversations in the community. Eva shared with me that she never knew about products like reusable straws until the event1 to break the Singapore Book of Records for “Most Number of People Drinking From Bamboo Straws”. We have also seen an increase in search for reusable straws since our interview so this shows the power of mainstream media! If the mainstream media continues to cover such topics, we believe they have a stronger influence and together we can make a difference.


Every opportunity is a chance to influence and motivate

Many people are not aware of the impact of their actions on the environment, that’s when all forms of media comes into place to raise awareness. Some people may not even know where to begin, or are even bothered to make changes to reduce their impact, so it is up to the rest of the conscious people to spread the word, influence and motivate.

The crew uncles who were at the interview were not interested in switching to reusable straws, they would however bring their own cutleries when they travel abroad because it is more sanitary to use their own. With a busy work and lifestyle, most people would prefer convenience over commitment for the environment. Never keep trying because you’ll never know who else will be inspired to make a change. You then also know you scored because the reporter was inspired to give bamboo straw a try when she heard about how easy and lightweight it is to bring around. Eva also texted back and said she’s used the bamboo straw and found it to be really good – messages like this makes the heart do a little dance!

If we continue to talk about it, show others how easy it is to make the switch, slowly but surely they will start to make the effort.


Let’s all start

It may seem like a chore to bring extra things in your heavy bag, but surely a reusable straw is lighter in weight than say a portable power bank? Perhaps you don’t want to bring an extra straw, why not say no to plastic straws and drink straight off the cup? It’s little conscious efforts like this that will make the world a better place. The plastic pollution and excessive waste may not affect you directly, but all these accumulates and one day it will. You will find yourself drinking water that contains microplastic2 because of the excessive plastic waste that has been dumped irresponsibly, or breathing in polluted air because our incinerators are burning a huge volume of plastic.

If everyone in Singapore says no to plastic straws, we’re saving the planet of at least 5.6 million single use disposable straws. Let us all start with the smallest changes.


The Interview

Thank you to Eva and the team for giving us the platform to talk about a topic we have a growing passion for. Below is a clip of our interview and here is the link to the news article https://www.channel8news.sg/news8/singapore/20180329-sg-reusable-straw/3991896.html.

Please do not mind my Mandarin and excuse the lack of English subtitles! All credits and copyright belong to Channel 8.


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