Switch to Natural Products Even If What You’re Using Works

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When we asked the people around us, why don’t you switch to natural products? A lot of replies were

  • my current skincare products work
  • natural and organic products are expensive
  • do natural and organic products work better?
  • i don’t use skincare (insert ‘shocked’ face emoji)


Well, the reason why I switched to natural products were simple – the chemicals don’t work, irritates my skin and messes up my body. Not just skincare products, dish washing liquid, laundry powder etc also contains chemicals that you should avoid. You wouldn’t mind spending extra money on organic food because you know the benefits of organic produce – no pesticides, no hormones, your body will be better off – you should also know what exactly you are putting on your bodies. If you’re eating organically but still using, applying, washing with chemicals, time to offer your body something better.


More value for money

With natural products, you expect more hardworking ingredients that deliver. Many mainstream products contain filler ingredients which has a lower cost of production but have no true value to your skin. These fillers may not be harmful, but we wouldn’t pay for something that has no real benefits. Natural ingredients such as Jojoba Oil has antibacterial properties, contains Vitamin B, E and other minerals to help nourish and protect the skin. Natural ingredients are definitely more multi-purpose.


Natural Organic Cruelty Free Toxin Free Benefits of Jojoba Oil



Less side effects
Sometimes we do get an allergic reaction from natural products, but they are never a long term damage to the body. Children in particular are more vulnerable towards mainstream products containing harmful or toxic ingredients as their vital organs are still developing, so they may not be able to remove toxins from their little bodies that easily, which may result in longer lasting.


One of the most popular synthetic preservative – Parabens – are found to be endocrine disruptors and have been found in biopsy samples in breast tumours1. They interfere with your hormones and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects2. There are many reasons why Parabens are still being used in major cosmetic and skincare brands, they are effective at keeping bacteria at bay, allowing longer shelf life and also cheap to use in the production. However, we would stay clear of Parabens because it messes our body and there are plenty of alternatives.


Almost all products carry a label that says “warning” to warn you of any side effects that comes along. If you have noticed the warning label on acne treatments, you will probably stop using it. Benzoyl Peroxide is what is used to treat acne problems because it helps dry it up quickly, but also dries out the skin too much that most people experience very dry and flaky skin after using it. These are side effects that can be prevented if you use natural acne products. Natural ingredients such as Tea Tree are common in natural acne products as it has powerful antiseptic properties and the ability to treat wounds3. Coupled with other moisturizing and repairing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil, your skin will look naturally better.


Do not test on animals

Most natural brands and products are not tested on animals simply because there is no need to. Natural ingredients are often from herbs or plants, which makes them vegan friendly as well. We support cruelty free because we love our fur friends, so the brands and products on Wellness Within are either certified cruelty free or the brands are supportive of cruelty free.


Environmental friendly

Natural ingredients do not impact any waterways or result in pollution when washed into our waters, however we can’t say the same with synthetic ingredients. Take plastic microbeads as an example, because they are small and are not biodegradable (even though they are claimed to be), they are not removed by sewage treatment plants. They get washed into our waterways, fishes consume them thinking that they are food, affecting marine lives and in turn we consume these fishes. Think for our future generations, think for ourselves because what goes around will come back around.


We should care about what we put into and on our body

As consumers, we know that organic food is better because they are farmed without chemicals and naturally. Just like food, we know that real food is always better for the body than processed food. The ingredients label on the product will tell you exactly what goes into the product, so the label tells you exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Ingredients such as mineral oil are good at keeping a barrier over the skin, thus keeping moisture in so may be beneficial for dry skin. However, they are also a concern because of known contamination from petroleum oil. We don’t think applying petroleum oil on our skin is a good idea.


Check all the products that you’re currently using. If you’re lacking energy, do not have good sleep or think your hormones are out of whack, look into reducing your chemical exposure as your liver may be exhausted from trying to eliminate any toxins accumulated over the years.