How to Switch to Washable & Reusable Cloth Pads?

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Most people, if not all, enjoy convenience, who doesn’t? Disposable feminine and menstrual products are so convenient these days that all we need to do is use and throw. Did you know a woman, on average, uses up to 16,800 disposable pads and tampons during her lifetime? These used pads and tampons are burned together with other rubbish and end up in landfill. What happens when landfills are used up? The rubbish may be washed into oceans and waterways, affecting our marine lives. We have received an overwhelming response for the hannahpad Certified Organic Cloth Pads that we stock, so we will answer some commonly asked questions in this blog post. 


Carrying soiled pads out and about?

This is one common question that everyone has! Some ladies have a heavier flow than others, so we definitely need to change the soiled ones at some point of the day. You may use a wet bag to hold your soiled pads until you get home to wash them. The hannahpads that we stock do not need to be stored in a wet bag as it has an external TPU waterproof layer that prevents leakage! Each hannahpad also has a ziploc pouch, which you can choose not to have, so you can fold the soiled ones and carry them in their little pouches. You could also use your own ziploc bags if you have spares at home – reduce and reuse!


Soiled pads have a smell?

To be honest, yes they do have a smell but that is only the smell of blood. Menstrual blood do not have a bad odour, except for a metallic iron smell that all blood has. The bad odour you experience when using disposable sanitary pads comes from the reaction between menstrual blood and the chemicals found in the disposable pads. When you use hannahpad Certified Organic Cloth Pads, you are not exposed to any toxic chemicals therefore no bad smell!


Washing used pads?

The hardest part to switching to cloth pads is washing them, because we are simply too used to the convenience of disposables. However once you get the hang of it, you only need extra 5 mins in your routine! Some ladies may throw their cloth pads straight into the washing machine to wash (yes you can definitely use a washing machine!), but you can wash out the fluid from the cloth pads by running under cold water. This way you’d know if there are any stains and you can spot treat them right away. If there are any stains, simply use natural laundry detergent like the hannahpad Probiotics Laundry Soap on the pads and soak them in a bucket of cold water. Do not use hot water because that will set the stain, making it very difficult to remove later on. Soak for at least 6 hours or overnight the stain would most likely be gone. If you’re not too bothered by stains, you can either throw them in the washing machine or hang them out in the sun to dry. Do not use dryer or tumble dry because that will spoil the waterproof exterior.


Why hannahpad cloth pads?

They are certified organic, unbleached, undyed and come in so many beautiful patterns! They can be used for 2 to 3 years and even longer if used with care, so that is a lot of money saved! Plus, you get to reduce rubbish going to landfills and help contribute towards zero waste! Have we already mentioned that we’re having less to no cramps ever since we started using hannahpad cloth pads? No, we’re not kidding.


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