Wash Your Hair with Beer!

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You may be thinking that washing your hair with beer is such a ridiculous idea – but it’s not. Beer has many benefits for both skin and hair, read on to find out what they are.

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Beer is an alcoholic drink which is common in all if not most countries. We normally recommend to avoid alcohol in your skincare, but beer is a different case.

Beer is made from hops, barley and wheat, so you’ll find the same nutrients in these grains in beer. These nutrients include Vitamin Bs, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and more. Amongst the Vitamin Bs, Vitamin B2 is for hair growth and B6 gives hair melanin to prevent hair loss.

Beer is also full of protein which can repair and strengthen hair cuticles that are weakened by blow drying, straightening, colouring and other hair heating treatments. The proteins in beer can also bind to your hair cuticles, making the hair appear shinier. It has also been reported that Catherine Zeta-Jones has been using beer for her hair (source), so beer definitely has more uses than purely drinking it.


How to Wash with Beer?

Typically, you would use beer as a rinse off, replacing your hair conditioner. You should let the beer sit till it becomes flat, or you could boil the beer so that all the alcohol evaporates and you should definitely let it cool before using it. Pour the beer through your hair and let it sit for 3-5 minutes like you would with a hair conditioner. Rinse with water after. Your hair should feel soft and smell like beer. To combat that smell, add equal parts of water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the flat beer and follow through the steps above.


Would you be trying Beer?

Using beer is definitely a little cumbersome, but the results will leave you feeling amazed. If you would like to use beer but want to avoid all the mess and smell, our Lemon & Beer Shampoo Bar checks all the boxes. It is handmade using organically grown Olive Oil and cold processed so this bar will last you a couple of months and replacing at least two bottles of liquid shampoo. You will not be smelling like beer and your hair will be happier too. More details over here.