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5 Reasons to Purify Your Water with Ace Bio

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We’ve written a couple of posts on water and how important the quality of water is to us. Many people might not think highly of the quality of their water, but as a consumer we should be informed and be aware of the harmful effects of the contaminants found in the water you drink everyday. Keep reading if you would like to know why the Ace Bio 1.5L Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is your best option in the market and also a comparison table between the Ace Bio and other brand.
Waters Ace Bio Water Filter


① Removes up to 99% of fluoride which other filters may not

We have a blog post about fluoride and why you don’t want it in your water. Because we drink so much water a day, we really don’t want to be ingesting too much fluoride given that it is now recognized as a neurotoxin. We cannot stress enough how we should try to avoid majority of the fluoride. Fluoride was added to water to prevent teeth cavity, but with better healthcare system now many dentist do not think fluoride is necessary anymore.


② No electricity required

Some filter technology requires electricity. Reverse osmosis water purifier uses electricity to increase water pressure, to help the water pass through a membrane to remove any dissolved solids. However, some reverse osmosis purifier might remove too much which may leave us with only dead and acidic water. Other purifier technology also uses aluminium oxide or activated alumina, but we are concerned that the aluminium might leech into the water. In this blog post, we wrote about why we should avoid aluminium. The short story is, aluminium has been linked linked to dementia, autism and Parkinson’s disease.


③ Economical

Electric water purifier tend to be more expensive and requires electricity to run as well. The Ace Bio Water Filter Pitcher contains filters that lasts two years, so it only works out to be around 8 cents per litre!


④ Portable and no installation required!

Because it does not require electricity, you can bring the Ace Bio Water Filter Pitcher around the house or when you go travelling. It fits in your refrigerator so you can have cold water anytime, no installation, drilling or piping required and does not take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter top. Easy!


⑤ Mineral and alkaline water

Mineral water is found to be beneficial for health1 because it contains minerals that we may be lacking or not getting sufficient amounts from our diet. Alkaline water has also been found to help maintain a healthy gut, where the gut contains about 80% of our immune system. The multi-stage cartridge of the Ace Bio Water Filter Pitcher contains a main filter and mineral cartridge which adds minerals such as silica and calcium and alkalises your tap water.


Comparison between Ace Bio and other brand

Removes Chlorine & Odours

Removes Fluoride

Removes Lead & Heavy Metals

Removes Bacteria & Viruses

Removes Volatile Organic Compound

Infra-red rays to add 'life' to water

Hot Water

Alkaline Water

BPA Free

Is it portable?

Filter Capacity

Initial cost


Ace Bio

4,800 litres


1.5 kg

Other Brand

4,000 litres


〉17.1 kg



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