[Red Seal] Natural Kids Toothpaste
Fluoride & SLS Free Toothpaste For Kids
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[Grants] Blueberry Burst Kids Natural Toothpaste

Grants Blueberry Burst Kids Natural Toothpaste is made with essential tooth cleaning ingredients with a yummy blueberry taste. Using Xylitol which are extracted from hardwood trees, this toothpaste also contains Calcium and Phosphate Salts to help slow down the growth … Continued

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[A Bit Hippy] Bubbles without Troubles Natural Bubble Bath

**New look for 500ml bottles!**   All babies love a bubble bath! However conventional bubble bath uses Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) which makes the biggest bubble but is cheap and very drying on the babies’ delicate skin. This bubble bath … Continued

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[Hopi] Pure Castile Soap
Zero Waste Pure Castile Soap
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[Boody Bamboo] Long Sleeve Onesie in Rose

Designed in Australia, this long sleeve onesie is super soft which is great for bedtime to keep your baby warm and comfortable. With built in socks and a two-way zip, this onesie is excellent and convenient for nappy changes. Made … Continued

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A Bit Hippy Happy in my Nappy Natural Nappy Rash Balm
[A Bit Hippy] Happy in my Nappy Nappy Rash Balm

All babies wear nappies, but nappies can cause nasty rash and make their skin sore, irritated and prone to infection. The Happy in my Nappy Balm from A Bit Hippy uses a combination of edible oils and Zinc to form a … Continued

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Eco Kids Bug-a-Bug Insect Natural Repellent
[Eco Kids] Bug-a-Bug Insect Repellent

Insect repellents are essential in hot and humid weather to repel those annoying insects, especially mosquitoes! This Bug-a-Bug insect repellent fights off without any harsh chemicals so it is safe enough for children of any age to use.   200ml

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[Boody Bamboo] Long Sleeve Onesie in Sky

This long sleeve onesie is so comfortable that your baby would enjoy to be wearing them! Made from orgaically grown bamboo and designed in Australia, this onesie is super soft and hypoallergenic and your baby will not experience any skin … Continued

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WOTNOT Biodegradable Baby Wipes 80-pack
[WOTNOT] Biodegradable Baby Wipes – 80pk
Key Features
  • Certified organic aloe vera
  • 100% natural and biodegradable fibre
  • Free from artificial fragrances, preservative, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, caustics or glycols
  • 100% chlorine free
  • Ideal for people with sensitive skim
  • Winner of the Organic Expo 2010 GOLD MEDAL award.
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