In the modern age now, we seem to be more susceptible to diseases and health conditions. More often, some health conditions have no reason to explain the cause. One such medical conditions that we personally are familiar with is dermatitis or commonly known as eczema.


While some articles have described eczema to be an inherited and chronic skin condition that has no cure, we believe it can slowly be eradicated if managed properly. We have heard stories of children and adults alike to outgrow their eczema (and perhaps other health conditions as well) and we strongly believe that all health conditions stem from within.


Heal the inside, show on the outside.


We are a bunch of people bogged down by various health (or skin) issues and we would like to share about how we have made a change to embark on a natural, clean and (hopefully) organic lifestyle.


Natural and organic products seem like a marketing gimmick that comes with an expensive price tag. We think that price should be justified by worthiness. Many people spend lots of money on skin care products from high end brands in departmental stores and never winch a bit, we are guilty of that too. High end brands boast effectiveness and miracle ingredients, but when you look at the ingredients you’ll find that they are all chemicals mixed together. Some of the ingredients are proven to be safe, but for sensitive individuals like us, such ingredients may irritate our skin or other parts of the body. Even though research have shown that the percentage of such chemicals in skin care product may not raise the alarm, but our concern is the potential harm  from the accumulation of such chemical ingredients.


At the top of our heads, two popular ingredients that are found in many of skin care products these days are mineral oil and petroleum. They are essentially the same stuff, except that mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum. Research have found them to be effective, safe and harmless in skin care products. Indeed, mineral oil works as a barrier on the skin as it prevents water from escaping from the body. It is known to not dry out the skin and is perfect for people with dry and sensitive skin. As much as many resources out there suggests that the mineral oil is refined and purified before being added to skin care and cosmetic products, the thought of applying a by-product of petroleum just doesn’t sound clean enough.


It doesn’t hurt now, but it does not mean it won’t hurt later. Why use something that doesn’t harm, but also do not benefit your skin at all?


Join us in our journey of toxic detox as we continue to share tips, products and possibly recipes to ensure your wellness from within.


xo, Wellness Within